Waning Gibbous Workshops

July workshops on the back side of the full moon.


A female meadowhawk  (Sympetrum sp.) in Harrison County, Iowa. Photo by Robert Smith. Female meadowhawks are difficult to identify, but delight us no less.

Sunday, July 21st: Poetry of Wild Presences: a day of mindful meditation and wildly writing poems with birds, dragonflies, Todd Robinson, Chelsea Balzer, Jeremy Buethe, and frogs. 9am to 3pm, Waubonsie State Park. $25 donation.

Sunday, July 28th: Dragonflies on the Kickatuus: identification on the wing with Jack Phillips and local odonate specialists Janis and Don Paseka. Saunders County, Nebraska.

Contact me for details, agenda, how to register and what to bring. We keep the groups small, so let me know soon. Jack: thenaturalistschool@gmail.com .


Mindful moving…


meditation with…


Chelsea Balzer and birdsong.