Saturday Oaks, Sunday Saunter


common yellowthroat

In July, a common yellowthroat (Geothlypis trichas) in Iowa’s southern Loess Hills. Photo by Nic Salick.

Oak woodland ecology, phenology, and environmental cues. Saturday morning, August 10th in Fremont County, Iowa. Sponsored by Golden Hills RC&D in Partnership with The Naturalist School. Presenter: Jack Phillips

Sunday morning odonate contemplations and meditations on W. S. Merwin. Guided by TNS faculty. August 11th, Fremont County, Iowa.

Contact Jack Phillips for more information and to register:

*Please note: these intensive small-group experiences, held in rugged terrain, are intended for adults.


Early-morning late-July Saunter and odonate survey on a high bluff in Saunders County, Nebraska. Photo by Robert Smith.