How to Grow the Tree of Life

Wild is a process that surrounds us all, self-organizing nature: creating plant-zones, even humans and their societies, all ultimately resilient beyond our wildness imagination.” — Gary Snyder


How to Grow the Tree of Life: cultivating urban wildness with mindful attention, poetry, and coffee.

Sunday morning, June 30th in Omaha’s Old Market

In recent seasons the Naturalist School has planted locally-wild native trees grown from seed collected with our own hands. We have released the resilient wildness of this place and within ourselves; earth’s energies break through ego and concrete, avarice and ambition with mindful work, poetry, and strong coffee as needed. We will visit these trees and contemplate their new summer energies through mindful exercises and of course, a poem or two. If that sounds good to you, contact me for meeting time and place.

— Jack Phillips

* New June leaves on red oak. Photo by Robert Smith

** Please note that this event is intended for adults and will not be suitable for children and dogs.