Waking the Wild Retreat 23 June


Light Yoga     Deep Ecology     Mindful Exercises     Wild poetry     Ephemeral Art


Gray tree frog (Hyla sp.) in Harrison County Iowa, June 13th. Two species found in the Loess Hills (H. versicolor and H. chrysoscelis) are difficult to distinguish. Each shows a fondness for bur oak and taking shades of green and gray in response to mood and weather. Individuals display tolerance for contemplation and the writing of poems. Phone-photo by Robert Smith.


A One-day Retreat with Joelle Sanfort, Jeremy Buethe, Chelsea Balzer, and Jack Phillips.

Sunday, June 23rd at Waubonsie State Park. This will be an indoor/outdoor retreat to include hiking as weather and insects allow. Everyone is welcome (adults only; no dogs) but pre-registration by June 20th is required. Enrollment will be limited; $25 donation requested. To register and for more details, what to bring, and agenda for the day, contact Jack Phillips at thenaturalistschool@gmail.com.