Equinox Waking the Wild

Writing Poetry, Walking Silently, and a little light Yoga in the Loess Hills


Furrow orb weaver (Larinioides cornutus) contributed to our TNS gathering on September 15th. Photo by Robert Smith.

Sunday September 29th at Waubonsie State Park* in Fremont County, Iowa. Presenters: Genevieve Williams, Katie Sutko Twit,  and Jack Phillips. No experience is required; only curiosity and the desire to grow closer to wild nature through creative writing and mindful attention. This workshop will be limited to a small group of wild seekers and nature lovers, so sign up soon!

Contact Jack for details, agenda, what to bring, and to register. Please note that rugged terrain can be expected and walking my be challenging.

*No entrance fee to the park is required for this workshop. This workshop is intended for adults and will not be suitable for children or dogs.