Crazy on Foot

Canis latrans travels wild pathways invisible to us but older than our presence here. Coyote sightings have recently increased around Omaha, but they have been here longer than we. Photo by Troy Soderberg, Washington County.

Crazy on Foot (prose poem by Jack Phillips)

Omaha stands where an oak-hickory woodland once stood where Maple Street crosses a sylvan meander no one seems to notice where the long-ago living here wore no clothing or scant and yet 911 was flooded when someone wandered naturally into traffic and I wondered how he got here or more importantly where he is going (and what about us) perhaps a vestigial leak of an older self an oaken ghost being cut and laid bare (the bipedal zygote of Gaia) some refugee god in pedestrian flesh. Going native is almost as shocking as going on foot better get to the woods whilst no one is watching. 

Wild spirits in human form on a TNS retreat along the East Nishnabotna River. Such sightings are rare unless you know where to look.