Proving the Edge of Absence

American Robin (Turdus migratorius) in Iowa’s Loess Hills. Robins are migratory as the scientific name suggests, and the robins seen in late autumn are usually migrants from further north. (Harrison County, Iowa. Photo by Troy Soderberg.)

Proving the Edge of Absence

Zen and other sitters among us see Absence in the coming of winter but on this I side with Thoreau that in decay fully flowers the thing and that every morning be imbibed with the gusto befitting any morning with proper footwear. Of course the changing of our boots has a seasonal beat but just go deep where a spring rills a runnel or the sun flickers a woodpecker or the sky shines a lichen and a summer-enough robin thus proves (by refuting) Lao Tzu. 

Becoming a Naturalist 62 (morning prose-poem) by Jack Phillips