Somewhere Finding Ferity

Becoming a Naturalist, Part 51 by Jack Phillips  


This dawn the equinox moon is waning a black belly with a left-handed crescent and waxing with frog bubbles puff-up sparrows ferny fiddleheads popping bloodroot in vernal burgeoning. Certain poets (the Beats in particular) prescribe some shack simple those rough-hewn days of dharmas and canned beans in a far-out hovel to revive the talent for being on earth and a wider sky to wander the skills to deeply breathe and be. But a shack is not required only the space a body takes not silence but stillness enough to let a spider finish a thought not in the woods necessarily but somewhere finding ferity maybe not barefoot but ever stepping softly not poetry per se but the creaturely exuberance of waking up. 


*Early spring in the Loess Hills, Harrison County, Iowa. Photo by Robert Smith.