Wolf’s Milk on the Last Day of the Year


Becoming a Naturalist, Part 46 (another prose-poem) by Jack Phillips



In human gaze they say cosmos becomes self aware (they really do say this) but we have other things to do with the visiting band of poets having come from across the floodplain and laying aside standard grammar we ease into wolf’s milk hollow oozing of witch’s butter (some marmalade) follow crusty sunburst and wood ears and cat’s tongue and golden-eye into secret seductions the scarlet cup secretions their language belonging (like ours) to fleshly membranes on this day of Thoreau’s winter solstice for lichens and let us add to that fungi and bryophytes (some slime molds) and maybe not so much cosmic consciousness as simple creatureliness and the spores of becoming ourselves.


Conocephalum conicumcorsonandroski


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*Marchandiomyces corallinus on Physcia sp. (top) and Conocephalum conicum (bottom) on December 31st, Fremont County, Iowa. Photo by Corson Androski.