Fullness of Life Found in Emptiness

Of winter, Annie Dillard writes:

Outside, everything has opened up. Winter clear-cuts and reseeds the easy way. 

winter books

When the leaves fall and the striptease is over, things stand mute and revealed. Everywhere skies extend, vistas deepen, walls become windows, doors open. 

All that the summer conceals, winter reveals.


Of winter, nature writer and teacher Matthew Low writes:

Snow covers the ground and the trees are bare, but the hills and forest remain plentiful for saunterers with senses attuned and minds open. With a combination of readings, writing activities, and outdoor exploration, our day will be spent contemplating the fullness of life found in the emptiness, solitude, and silence of winter in the Loess Hills.

Reading and Writing Nature with Matthew Low. January 23rd, Hitchcock Nature Center. Click here for details.