Wild Stories in Written in Loess

“That movement from wilderness to exploration and settlement through displacement and destruction calls for healing and restoration, and what it reveals about the evolving environmental imagination is one of the central plots of this story – and the story of the tallgrass itself.

It is a story that continues to be written, on the page and in the earth.”

John T. Price, The Tallgrass Prairie Reader.

Summer Saunter in the Loess Hills    (Robert Smith)

Summer Saunter in the Loess Hills (Robert Smith)

We spend a lot of time in the Loess Hills of Iowa. Sometimes we give workshops, do research, monitor biotic communities, collect seed, and engage the work and philosophy of stewardship. And sometimes we saunter. When one saunters, the data disappear and the tasks of the day dissolve, and the story of the land – the true and ancient story – appears. Sometimes we write it in words or share our insights on the trail. Sometimes we write new chapters with our footsteps. And sometimes we just listen.

If you write, read, walk, or listen in nature, we invite you to spend a Saturday morning with author and prairie wanderer John T. Price at New Tree School on July 25th. The only prerequisites are a desire to grow in nature and registration by Wednesday, July 22nd. The program begins at 8am. For details, click here: Offerings

We will keep the group small, so sign up soon!