A word from Mark Hirsch

Mark and that tree.

“My experience with That Tree started out so organically and then it evolved into my unintended adventure. It seems odd to describe it this way but I have developed an incredible friendship with a tree. The valley of That Tree and her surrounding realm have become a place I am so familiar with. Her changes through two full growing seasons and now as I am well into my third, it has been like watching my children grow up or watching my grandparents age. As she has changed, so have I. My time in the forest with That Tree has been very solitary. The introspection combined with my solitary observation has provided me with a truly transformative and therapeutic adventure. I look at the world differently.” – Mark Hirsch, photographer and author of That Tree.

Spend an autumn day with New Tree School and Mark Hirsch in the oak woodlands and savannas of Iowa’s Loess Hills. Saturday, October 11 at Hitchcock Nature Center in Honey Creek. Morning session: Sauntering and conversations, 8:30  – noon. Afternoon session: Nature photography with a smart phone workshop, 1:00 – 4:30pm. 

Each session is $45/$80 for both. Enrollment will be limited to keep each session small, so contact Jack Phillips (jackphillipsrca@gmail.com) to reserve your place and to learn more about this amazing event. To learn more about Mark Hirsch, visit http://www.thattree.net