Planting Good Trees Well

Friends of New Tree School,

I’ve been reading an excellent book: The Rhizosphere: an Ecological Perspective edited by Zoe G. Cardon and Julie Lynn Whitbeck. It’s not a new book (2007), but fascinating nonetheless. This quote captures the tone of the book:
“As intimate interface between roots and the mineral world, rhizospheres are remarkable environments, and have ecological feedbacks, chemical interactions, and inter-organism communication as complex as any above-ground world.”
Any one who wants to successfully plant a tree needs an appreciation of the dynamic complexity of the thin but intense biolodiversity hotspot where root and soil meet. Participants in our Ecological Immersion Program have begun to explore this complexity. 
This exploration will continue in our October 26 Planting Ecology workshop at Hitchcock Nature Center. If you are an expert tree planter, this workshop is for you. If you want to become an expert tree planter, this workshop is for you. We will dig, collect, and study roots in rhizosphere context and the in larger LoessHills woodland context at HNC. By the end of our morning session we will have discussed root ecology and practical planting methods that work with nature, not against her!
Please contact me to register by October 18th.
The Rhizosphere… makes another vital point that speaks to good planting. Planting natives – especially native plants of local ecotype – fosters healthy relationships above and below ground, while planting non natives, cultivars, and natives of non-local ecotype can inhibit or diminish healthy relationships. 
To further encourage planting good trees well, we have initiated our Loess Hills Oak Project. EIP members and the HNC staff have been collecting acorns from magnificent oaks at HNC and the wider Loess Hills to be grown by our nursery partner, Great Plains Nursery. Our first crop of saplings will be planted in restoration projects and sold at our tree sale on October 26, 9 – 5pm. If you would like to order multiple saplings, please call me to order ahead. A flyer is found below. All proceeds fund educational and restoration work. Please spread the word.
See you in the hills!