Ecological Immersion: Biodiversity and Stewardship July 27, 2013

“Beauty is fundamental to our wellbeing. When our surroundings speak to beauty we love them, care for them, and therefore, sustain them.” 


These words are taken from the First Principles of the Conservation Research Institute, based in the Chicago area. The primary researchers of the institute will join us for the Saturday, July 27 session of Ecological Immersion at Hitchcock Nature Center in Honey Creek, Iowa.You will want to read the First Principles at  .
Geroud Wilhelm and Lara Rericha are two of the most remarkable people one might encounter in the woods or prairie. The ecological insights they share are at once profound and primary. The passion and wisdom of these two scientists accompanied by encyclopedic knowledge of Loess Hills ecosystems will stir in us a deeper love for nature. That’s what happened last summer and it will no doubt happen again on July 27th. 
 The faculty will also include Chad Graeve, Natural Resource Specialist for Pottawattamie County. Chad, Laura, and Gerould crafted the stewardship plan now being implemented at Hitchcock Nature Center. Chad’s practical knowledge of conservation ecology results from years of field study and intensive labor to restore local plant communities. This day will offer a rich exploration of philosophy, biology,and practice management for anyone who loves and works with the natural world. 

 Please register by contacting Jack Phillips on before July 19th at the latest; we will keep the group small. You will want to prepare for a vigorous day in the field. We will meet regardless of weather. Don’t forget the essentials of field study, including long pants, socks, shoes, and insect repellent. Please bring a water bottle and coffee cup. We will feed you lunch.